2018-2019 Caught in the Act

CHS Renaissance has started a new program called "Caught in the Act" which recognizes students who are caught in random acts of kindness. They will be featured on the daily announcements, on the bulletin board in the north hallway, and will receive a Mr. Goodbar candy bar. We have an awesome student body and are proud of all of you!

Gracee K Andrew M
Kailynn W Rayne N
James M Camden A
Aaron O Jacob L
Zack A Enrique V
Cruze U Brooke B
Larry S Drew W
Meagan F Jayse W
Levi S Jacob N
Devon R Josie H
Avery W Reyly B
Kelsy B Emily H
Kanija R Paige L
Jersey B Justin W
Braydin M Kylie O
Jayden S Ben W
Sarah C Traevon W
Hannah B Hannah K
Linken H Cameron L
Damon H Jordan S
Nick H Samera C
Kenadi S Kierra C
Wes G Dayton B, Piper M, Alexis E
Cole T River A
Kailey H Destiny M
Kierra C Emmett B
Kaitlyn M Caroline B
Alexis B Thomas H
Kain C Tyrese  F
Danny R DaVion M
Samantha M Camden A
Katelynn S Mason H
Cole T Andrew J
Alexis N Kianna P
Kaylee M Layla H
Jake N Jared P
Samera C Jenna G & Alexis R 
Stetson B Kain C
Brenden W Layla H
Amber M Devin M
Zack A Tajah K
Stephanie L Sundeep Y
Jamie L Nick S
Annie S Amber M
Caroline B AJ S
Jaelyn P Leslie T & Danielle W
Lexi S Chance C & Haylee R
Jestin T Justine R
Lauren V Zach A
Abigail J Donovan G